I am a sole practitioner, based in Oakland and serving most municipalities and jurisdictions around the San Francisco Bay Area. I offer a full range of services from feasibility to concept to execution, in architecture and interior design, including material procurement and project management. I can help you with projects large and small, residential and commercial, renovation and new construction. 

Property owners contemplating a construction project sometimes need assistance to understand what improvements or alterations might be possible within the constraints of local zoning and building codes. I can help by providing preliminary code analyses and performing feasibility studies that highlight possibilities and validate assumptions as a prelude to project execution.

I have a trusted network of general contractors, specialist subcontractors and handymen who can help realize the project. I can also support a competitive bid selection process that includes pre-qualification of candidates and managing the tender and review process. I can remain engaged during construction through to completion, to proactively support design and project goals.

I am a registered architect in the states of California and Arizona, and a member of the American Institute of Architects.