I am in pursuit of an everyday architecture: buildings and spaces that reflect the values of those who inhabit them, identify with their locality, and function as flawlessly as possible; yet remain sensitive to aesthetics, to the neighbors, and to the environment. I favor clean, light-infused spaces that celebrate domesticity and support daily activities. I believe in simple pragmatic solutions that enable people to live and work, hopefully in happiness. I enjoy delineating spaces that overlap and extend perception, that foster a sense of expansiveness. I love the materiality of things and find joy in honoring intrinsic qualities through honest and expressive use. While I am a modernist at heart, I find inspiration in a diverse range of aesthetic and cultural sources, from the past and from around the world. I believe it is important to balance the formal and functional with the richness that can come from nature, and from color, texture, and pattern.

From my first building projects as a Peace Corps volunteer through twenty-plus years of working with corporate firms designing high-end corporate offices and hotel interiors, I've learned that the most successful projects generally result from good collaboration and communication between owner, architect and builder: working together as a multi-disciplinary team makes the most of each person's strength, for the common good. My experience working across the US, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean has taught me the value of being a careful listener, cautious with assumptions, and honest about things I don't know. While design is generally seen as a creative act dependent upon the talent of an individual, I regard the practice first and foremost as a service over product making (though I do care very much about the making of that product), and every project an opportunity to express optimism for the future.

I am a supporter of urban agriculture initiatives in the non-profit sector, I hike with my dog and try to run long distances, and I love to bake and cook new recipes for family and friends.